Policies & Procedures in

Video Format

V-KMS is a video-based knowledge

management system that helps employees

assimilate policies & procedures.



Send us the text of your

policy or procedure

with pictures or footage of

your activities.

Get Professionally

Produced Videos

We send you a professionally produced corporate

video to place either on your LMS or on ours.

Real Situation Videos

Facilitate Learning

Employees learn at their own pace and test until

they have assimilated the policy or procedure.

Manage Training


Allows you to keep records of training,

knowledge and competence.

Online Knowledge


Generate real-time employee knowledge

certifications for critical operations.

Ensure Knowledge


Get periodic reminders of when

refresher training is due



to KPI’s

Analyze trends in employee knowledge

versus Key Performance Indicators (KPI's)

Improve Performance

& Achieve Objectives

Improve personal and overall organizational

performance versus established objectives.